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State Resources

Puerto Rico

​La Junta de Calidad Ambiental (JCA)—The Board of Environmental Quality—is the agency responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing environmental regulations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Compliance Considerations

The following links provide Puerto Rico-specific guidance and fact sheets for environmental compliance in the commonwealth.

Air—JCA air quality programs

Air quality permits and forms

General permits and forms

Water programs—JCA water quality area, including underground storage tank (UST) requirements

Water quality permit and forms

Wastes—JCA solid and hazardous wastes management page

Waste tires—JCA waste tire management information

Land pollution permits and forms

Emergency response—JCA SARA/EPCRA and Superfund information page

Noise pollution—JCA noise pollution control program

Light pollution—JCA light pollution and control page

Environmental education—JCA environmental protection and conservation training program

Sustainability and Reducing Compliance Risk

The state resources provide retail-relevant state regulatory information and resources. The State Matrices page has more detailed information on variations in key state regulations such as hazardous waste, consumer bag legislation, e-waste and more.