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State Resources

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the main environmental enforcement agency in the state. Pennsylvania closely follows federal environmental regulations.

Compliance Considerations

The following links provide Pennsylvania specific guidance and fact sheets for environmental compliance within the state.

Air – DEP air program page

Automotive – Automotive Recyclers Association PA specific fact sheets on auto related environmental topics

Electronic Waste Recycling Retailer Requirements - PA Electronics Recycling Management Program

Hazardous Waste – DEP hazardous waste program page

Small Business Assistance Program – PA small business assistance with environmental regulations

Storage Tanks – PA requirements for registration of ASTs and USTs

Universal Waste – DEP universal waste page

Water Programs – DEP water program page

Sustainability and Reducing Compliance Risk

The state resources provide retail-relevant state regulatory information and resources. The State Matrices page has more detailed information on variations in key state regulations such as hazardous waste, consumer bag legislation, e-waste and more.