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State Resources

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the main environmental enforcement agency in the state. Massachusetts is stricter than the federal government in some areas including used oil management, hazardous waste labeling and reportable quantities for releases.

Compliance Considerations

The following links provide Massachusetts specific guidance and fact sheets for environmental compliance within the state.

Automotive – Automotive Recyclers Association MA fact sheets on auto related environmental topics

Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban – Guidance on composting, conversion, recycling and reuse.

Diesel​ - Clean diesel grants including transportation refrigeration units and diesel retrofit grants.

Enforcement - DEP Enforcement & Appeals page

Electronic Waste Recycling – Guidelines for recycling electronic waste

Environmental Results Program - Includes boilers, dry cleaners, photo processors, gas station and fleet fueling, generators, and USTs

Grants and Assistance – Grant opportunities for assistance with environmental issues 

Hazardous Waste – DEP hazardous waste program

Hazardous Waste Management Fact Sheets​ – DEP fact sheets on hazardous waste​

Motor Vehicle Fueling, Service & Repair - Guidance on hazardous waste management, fuel storage & dispensing, spills, etc.

Storage Tanks – DEP requirements for registration of USTs

Toxics & Hazards Sources & Types – Links to topics such as mercury, bulbs, pharmaceuticals, and the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Matrial List (MOHML)

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals​ - Guidance on related environmental issues

Waste Disposal Bans - Materials and items that cannot be disposed in landfills.

Water Resources Policies & Guidance Documents​ - Includes stormwater, septic systems, wetlands and more

Sustainability and Reducing Compliance Risk

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts​ - Includes Sustainable Business Leader Program

Massachusetts Food Association "Green Guidelines" - Guidance on reducing waste and energy usage in food distribution

RecyclingWorks Massachusetts - Guidance on recycling, reuse, and food waste diversion opportunities.

The state resources provide retail-relevant state regulatory information and resources. The State Matrices page has more detailed information on variations in key state regulations such as hazardous waste, consumer bag legislation, e-waste and more.