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State Resources

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is the main environmental enforcement agency in the state. Indiana closely follows federal environmental regulations.

Compliance Considerations

​The following links provide Indiana specific guidance and fact sheets for environmental compliance within the state.

Air – IDEM Air Quality page

Automotive – Automotive Recyclers Association IN specific fact sheets on auto related environmental topics

Electronic Waste​ – IDEM Electronic Waste Regulations

Enforcement – IDEM Enforcement page

Fact Sheets – IDEM facts sheets on dry cleaning, recycling and lighting alternatives

Hazardous Waste – IDEM hazardous waste program page

Small Business Guide – IDEM Small Business Guide to Environmental, Safety, and Health Regulations

Storage Tanks – IDEM requirements for USTs

Universal Waste – IDEM Universal Waste Rule

Vehicle Maintenance - Compliance Manual for Indiana's Vehicle Maintenance Shops

Waste Tires – IDEM Waste Tire Program

Water  – IDEM Water Quality page

Sustainability and Reducing Compliance Risk

Partners for Pollution Prevention Program – Organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government entities to promote environmental policies and programs

Environmental Stewardship Program – Voluntary, performance based leadership program that identifies businesses that go above and beyond environmental requirements

Voluntary Idling Program (VIP) ​– IDEM program for companies, specifically freight carriers, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and shipping receivers, to reduce unnecessary truck idling ​

Recycle Force – A social enterprise offering innovative recycling services and providing workforce training to formerly incarcerated individuals. 

The state resources provide retail-relevant state regulatory information and resources. The State Matrices page has more detailed information on variations in key state regulations such as hazardous waste, consumer bag legislation, e-waste and more.