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Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements State Tracking Matrix

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This matrix tracks state implementation of the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement Rule. Updated monthly, the matrix provides key information on rulemaking status, publication date, public hearing dates and comment periods, and the rule effective date. 

Information is collected by a professional legislative and regulatory tracking service that monitors the development and adoption of the regulations, and individually contacts State Agencies to assess their progress on the Generator Improvement rulemaking process.

For additional information regarding the rule, consult EPA's Frequent Questions About Implementing the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule.

Last Updated March 2019 with updates for AZ, WA (Updates to map in progress)


[1] Status Categories are Not Yet Considering (i.e. state regulators are working on other, higher priorities first); Internal Discussions (i.e. state regulators are reviewing Federal and current state regulations and formulating a plan on how best to proceed); Drafting Rule (i.e. state regulators are actively drafting proposed regulations); Public Comment Period (i.e. state regulators have published proposed regulations and are soliciting feedback from the public); Post Public Comment Period (i.e. state regulators have issued proposed rules and solicited public feedback (which is complete) in preparation for modification and/or publishing); Legislative Review (i.e. state regulators have submitted final legislation for internal review before publishing); and Complete (i.e. regulations have been published and are in effect; or state has adopted by reference without rulemaking or is not authorized to manage regulations).
[2] Future dates contained in this table are subject to change as the rulemaking process continues for each state. Dates reflect the best estimate based on available information.
Last Update: 3/27/2019 8:40:14 AM